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CPC Driver Certification

Driving buses, coaches, and trucks is becoming more difficult as the industry continues to acquire more and more regulation. Regardless, what is CPC certification is something many experienced truckers, especially, might not know about as it’s a new qualification recently implemented and enforced by a European Union directive.

What is CPC

The CPC qualification (Certificate of Professional Competence) is a qualification brought to bear by a recent European Union directive. The reasoning behind it is to make sure only those who are highly skilled can drive heavy-duty vehicles. Primarily, it’s to increase safety in the industry and on the roads. People who don’t keep their skills current are much more likely to suffer from some form of road traffic accident. Professional drivers continually develop their skills and maintain them at their highest levels at all times by being forced to enter training courses every five years. 


Who Doesn’t Need It?

There are some exceptions for drivers of these heavy-duty vehicles, though. The main exceptions for drivers who aren’t required to hold the CPC qualification is listed below: •If the vehicle the driver is driving doesn’t go over 45 kilometres per hour.

•If the vehicle is responsible for maintaining public order, such as fire engines and military vehicles.
•If someone uses a vehicle to complete a rescue mission.
•Is used as a learner vehicle for people who are studying for their CPC qualification.
•Is not used in a professional capacity, such as for carrying passengers.



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