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Categories / Licence Classifications and Vehicle type

We hope the following list of licence types and vehicle categories helps you to decide which type of training is suitable for your requirements

HGV / LGV Cat 'C+E' (Class 1)
Any vehicle over 7.5t that has a detachable or separate trailer, Cat 'C+E' licences can only be applied for once the driver has taken and passed their Cat 'C'. These are larger vehicles so tend to be used for long haul, national and international routes.

HGV / LGV Cat 'C' (Class 2)
For vehicles in a rigid-based body that is over 7.5t – examples include fire engines, rubbish collection vehicles and any HGV, providing the vehicle is all one unit (i.e. the cab does not separate from the trailer). Usually operated in towns and cities.

Cat C1
For use if driving any goods vehicle that is above 3.5t and below 7.5t in weight. If you gained your driving licence before 1997, you will automatically have this category on your licence. If you gained your driving licence after 1997, you will have to take a test.

Cat C1+E
Same as above, but gives you the capacity to tow a trailer behind your C1 vehicle

Cat B+E
This enables you to tow an item behind a standard car. Again, if you passed before 1997 you do not need to pass a test to tow a trailer behind a car – if you passed after 1997, a full course and driving test is required.

Cat D
This is a full bus / coach licence, enabling you to drive any sized Passenger Carrying Vehicle.

Cat D1
Enables you to drive a minibus of 9-16 seats maximum. If you passed your driving test before 1997 this category will already be on your licence, if you passed after that date a full course and test is required.

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